Flow House is a trademark of Flow Enterprises LLC. The core values that drive our success is founded on doing good, wholesome business with all of our stakeholders involved. For our partners, home owners, real estate investors and real estate professionals; this means guaranteed rents backed by our firm and properties that provide a stable revenue stream tuned for long-term appreciation. This means your properties are well maintained and constantly cleaned with a network of successful tenants from around the world who are conscientious and take care of the homes in which they live. We seek to develop long-lasting relationships with our partners. The atmospheres we cultivate within our homes adds value to the entire neighborhood and all of our neighbors enjoy having us next door. We’re on to something huge and it’s working very well for all of our partners as well as the community. We encourage you to be a part of this.

Our Model

We offer a unique living experience to a growing generation under a Real Estate service model. Our focus is on creating the best experience for our partners and occupants while adding value to the surrounding neighborhood. Our residents are modern-day professionals who seek out the community lifestyle. We have orchestrated a model that creates a positive social environment for our residents so that living in a shared home with others becomes a joy rather than a burden.

Working with us

Do you already own a property or do you want to buy? Existing owners can apply to add a property they already own to our network. Or if you want to buy, we can assist in identifying the property that is ideal for our model.

Tuned for Long-Term
Stability and Appreciation

We pinpoint properties and upgrade potential that promote resiliency. Every property in our portfolio is 100% successful and stable. Our approach is ideal for partners seeking long-term property appreciation.

Our Places

Become a Partner

For any inquiries about being a partner or to talk with us, get in touch.