• Paul P.


    It is so good to know I have someone I can fully trust with my home. Flow Enterprises LLC serves as an exceptional tenant, they pay close attention to the well being of our property and cultivate an atmosphere of peace, prestige and respect throughout the premises. The home is always clean and nobody in the neighborhood is ever bothered. The occupants that stay in the home are very well kept, good quality people who are very respectful of the home. The organization takes total care of me and governs the lease as a master tenant with my best interests as a landlord always at the forefront. It’s so great to have all rents guaranteed, payments automatically deposited into our account every month and both the property and occupants are even covered by their insurance – no issues whatsoever, totally worry free. Highly recommended, perfect tenant!

  • Reeta R.


    This is working out so well for our apartment complex. I am an apartment manager renting out several units to Flow Enterprises LLC as a master tenant for corporate housing. They are an absolute breeze to rent to, there are never any issues and neighbors are never disturbed. Rent payments are delivered every month on time, the spaces are professionally cleaned, and the units and occupants are covered by their property & liability insurance policy. Everything is so professional and well secured – it’s quite a relief. The organization follows up and ensures that I am satisfied throughout the entire tenancy and always has my best interests in mind. I can easily recommend Flow Enterprises LLC for renting with any other apartment complex or property owner.

  • Dora D.


    I’m a real estate agent and property investor. Flow Enterprises LLC leases my properties long term as a master tenant for corporate residency. They guarantee rents, take great care of my home and attract the best professionals in the world to reside. They are more than perfect tenants, our lease terms are enforced by the organization, all occupants agree to a strict set of house rules and caters to the neighborhood, everyone is happy. They even insure the property in case of any damages or liability claims. I sincerely feel Flow Enterprises LLC has my best interests in mind. They are very easy to have as a tenant and we highly recommend them!

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